Vertical Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machines

Volumetric Cup Filler Systems
For free flowing granular products such as rice, beans, fowl food, seed, peanuts, popcorn, sugar, salt, coffee beans, samp.
Weights up to 12.5kg depending on product bulk density.
Speeds up to 90 per minute depending on product type and weight.

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Volumetric Filler
Volumetric Filler
Volumetric Filler
on a VFFS-D machine
Weights up to 3 kg
Speeds up to 70/min
Volumetric Filler
on a VFFS-B machine
Weights up to 12,5kg
Speeds up to 90/min

Volumetric Filler
Volumetric Filler
on a stand.
Semi-automatic machine for filling products into containers such as plastic bags, jars and tins. Can also be mounted on a VFFS packaging machine.
Weights up to 12.5kg
Speeds to suit requirements.

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