Vertical Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machines

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Nak Extruder Corn Curl Extruder
Nak Extruder
Up to 80kg per hour
Size: (W x L x H) 75 x 150 x 220cm
Mass: 500kg
Corn Curl Extruder
Up to 80kg per hour
Size: (W x L x H) 90 x 150 x 230cm
Mass: 530kg

Fryer for Naks and Peanuts Peanut Roaster
Fryer for Naks and Peanuts
Up to 250kg peanuts/hour
Up to 160kg naks/hour
Size: 385 x 90 x 175cm
Mass: 1300kg
Peanut Roaster
(Gas fired) Batch capacity 150kg/hr
Size: (W x L x H) 95 x 300 x 212cm
Mass: 650kg

Peanut Blancher Coating Drum
Peanut Blancher
Up to 450kg per hour
Size: 191 x 70 x 210cm
Mass: 450kg
Coating Drum
160 litre batch capacity for applying colouring and flavourant to snack food.
Size: 135 x 135 x185cm
Mass: 230kg

General System Pack  
General System Pack
Horizontal flow wrapping machine for confectionery, fruit, vegetables, cakes, biscuits, hardware, airline cutlery, etc.
Speeds up to 150 per minute

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